Prayer Requests

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Please send in your prayer requests for immediate attention. It is free. You do not owe God any money. You do not owe any man any money. You only have to know that Jesus on the mainline. Just tell HIM what you want. Our Prayer Ministers are on duty 24/7. Send your Prayer Request to:

Operation One Teach One


Follow our standardized Bible Class Curriculum to strengthen your knowledge of the WORD of GOD. Show enough interest in the content of the Bible and be willing to share what you find with the next person around you as well as at the group meetings. Use our One-on-One meetings to practice this curriculum. When one person teaches one, all will have taught all.

Operation Gift Make A Way

Use Your Gift

The gift of a man shall make a way for him. Your gift can place you at the same table with kings and queens. Our Operation Gift Make A Way will help you extract the talent God has endowed you with. When you put your gift to use, the body of CHRIST is edified. Family members benefit and become interested in your GOD. Society becomes safer for all dwellers.